Friday, June 3, 2011

The United / Continental Merger

More than twenty years ago I decided that United Airlines was not what I would call a good airline. In fact, it sucked. I made my decision to fly ANY other airline but United. It didn't take me long to discover that Continental was one of the best---if not, The Best!
   Now comes the merger between the best and the worst. Funny, it didn't take long for Continental to scrap the free food, start charging again for headsets, barrel the pillows and blankets, start copping an 'attitude' and again start doing extreme (United style) overbooking, which causes delays on take-off, if they can't get enough volunteers to take a later flight.
   The changes will continue through the end of this year as we are told. My fear is my 2.5 million accumulated One Pass Program frequent flier miles that I still have not used, will expire as does the current United plan. Sure, now that I am at the age where I can take more leisure time I’ll lose the benefit. Hopefully, they will not do this. But already, effective October of this year, they will not longer accept transfer of American Express points to One Pass Miles.
   Your thoughts?

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