Friday, April 22, 2011

TSA: Feel me - Love me - Let me move on

            Okay all you road warriors, let’s talk TSA. We love these people, don't we? They protect us from all those old ladies with five once bottles of shampoo, grope six year old kids, wave their metal-detecting wands atop bald guy’s heads and hassle guys like us who have been traveling via the airlines for decades.
            Some of us (like me) signed up for the Fly Clear program, which was offered a while back. Most were under the impression this would do a comprehensive background check and allow us more latitude to get through the security line quicker. It did, but only because the Fly Clear line had few subscribers. And yes, they did an extensive check, took you finger prints and did an eye scan for ID and security. But, once you passed that, there was no change with TSA's shoes, belts, bottles and all other varying policies. The program closed shortly after I did not renew. It has reopened again but since it is at so few airports, I have still not bothered to renew.
            Last week I refused to go into the x-ray. (Opted out, as they called it) Too much radiation in the past month or so, caused my decision.
          Wow, the fat-assed TSA woman was pissed because I was refusing to be x-rayed and would cause a little more work for them. Hey, we pay a fee for this on our tickets so why not get our money’s worth? She could not have been more obnoxious! The guy who was finally required to grope me asked if there was any part of my body I didn’t want him to touch. I said, “Are you kidding!? Yeah, don’t touch my junk.” So where do you think he went first? (No explanation needed.)
            My opinion is we should do what El Al Airlines does: PROFILE!! Oh, I guess that’s a dirty word these days. Too damned bad, I say. What do you say?

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